Greetings Friends: Some thoughts...
It is crunch time!

With two months to go before the election, we will be see many political ads. We will hear them on the radio, see them on television and see political signs sprout on our lawns. As the general election approaches, and people contemplate their choices, it is important we have conversations with our friends and neighbors about the critical issues we face.

Therefore, as a candidate for the Minnesota State Legislature I come to you for support at this critical time of the election. Many of you have already contributed to our campaign and I am grateful. Your support has made it possible for us to make a credible showing during the summer parades and county fairs.

I am not well versed on boards and committees, but I am keen on being a good listener. This summer has been a whirlwind of a journey as I have been on the campaign trail listening to people. They are dis-satisfied with partisan and divisive politics. The resounding theme I get are voters speaking against toting the party line. I listened to people tell me it was not in the best interest of the state nor a good representation of our area.

My opponent is stressing his experience as a current legislator, however, he has not shown any leadership for our communities. Instead, he has followed the party lines, which prompted our state to gridlock and shutdown.

I will work across the aisle to move our state forward. True leadership means voting our convictions to fully represent our area, even if it means not voting with my party.

Finally, guard against the wedge issues that the other side will employ. Help your friends and neighbors focus on the important issues.

Seneca, a Roman philosopher, allegedly said, "Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet." I am humbled to have garnered the endorsement of the DFL party. It would be an honor to represent our communities and move our state forward. However, I need your help. Please vote and ask your friends and neighbors to vote, James Kanne for State Representative, House 16B.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and support; together we can make a difference!
When you are asked to compare the candidates in the election for House 16B, please consider the following.

 James Kanne is a farmer:
My roots run six generations deep in Minnesota farming: starting in Waseca in 1854, then out west to the Ortonville area and now in this region. Our farm has passed to another generation, with my daughter, Linda, and her husband, Andy, now running our farm.

Agriculture is the most important thing we do in this area; having a legislator who understands this from the ground up is important.

 Education should matter to all:
Our family also has a tradition in education. A great-uncle was a professor at Chadron State in Nebraska, and has a dorm named after him. My mother began teaching in country schools and finished her career as a librarian at Gibbon. Last, but not least, my four daughters have received, or will soon attain, their college degrees.

One should not focus on candidate personalities, but instead, on how we differ in our support for education. I believe it was wrong to cut education in favor of protecting the elite from paying their fair share. In contrast, my opponent believes party directives are more important than representing the best interest for our area.

If this election is to be decided on the issues, we will come out on top every time. Our opposition has ideas that may sound good but we can not govern on soundbites.

Education is important and wholesale cuts are not in the our best interests. Infrastructure improvements are needed. The tax structure has been twisted and tweeked to the point it is unfair to the middle class and favors the elite.

"I will put
my family
and community values up against anyone."

- James Kanne
Candidate for House 16B

If it is possible for you to make a donation, please do so at this time. My campaign will not make any commitments for advertising without having the funding to pay for them - a principle handed down from one generation of dairy farmers to the other.

Because of the lead time required to get ads to the airwaves, decisions for ads will be made fairly soon. My first priority in this election cycle is to elect my friend, Ted L. Suss, to the State Senate. Consider making a contribution to this Veteran first, before helping our campaign.

Priorities: Education, Roads and Fair Taxes
Prepared and paid for by: Kanne for House 16B Committee, 66051 Co. Rd. 5, Franklin, MN 55333